The story about Morgan is an encounter of tradition and modern design. It was initiated by a shipbuilder Leopoldo RODRIQUEZ, whose family established RODRIQUEZ shipyard in Messina back in 1887.

In 1991, "Morgana Blu", an 83 feet yacht, was built there. She was made after the Fast Commuter model, which at the beginning of the last century, were used in New York to transport passengers from Manhattan to Long Island. That yacht marked the path towards the Morgan brand.

The encounter of Morgan and the world famous naval designer Tom Fexas was the most important step on the way towards the building of the boat, which combined the eternal charm of Fast Commuters and Lobsters with the newest construction technologies for the first time. Inspired by the sea, the innovation and the love for the sea, models from 33 to 93 feet were created: Dinghy 33, Lobster Morgan 44, Fast Commuters Morgan 55, 70, 83 and 93.