Runabout 44

The Runabout 44 is mainly for day-trips with the possibility of sleeping over. Under a classic layout there hides its aggressive beating heart due to its powerful technical characteristics.

The Runabout 44 is built with the highest maritime levels of quality and standards.

The Runabout 44 is entirely built by infusion. This is the state of the art technique for moulding where the saturation of fibres is 1.5 times the existing traditional methods.

Modelling in infusion gives a lighter model by approximately 35% and a resistance to flexing and drag approximately 1.9 times better than traditional methods, even in a vacuum. The end result is that modelling in infusion is lighter, more compact and more resistant.

The hull is built with four glass axials and infused with epoxy vinyl resin. The bottom’s lamination is monolithic while the sides are core-cell sandwiched. The longitudinal structure is reinforced with uniaxial carbon tissue.

The corer is made with glass bi-axials and infused with isophthalic resin. The lamination of the vertical surfaces is 10 mm core-cell sandwiched, while the lamination of the horizontal surfaces is 20 mm.

The hull and its structure are finished with white gelcoat. Both the hull and its structure can be painted upon request.

Hull & PdP System

The Runabout 44 planning hull has a variable geometry. The hull uses the PdP system (Powered Dynamic Pressure). The PdP system consists of six support struts with an average width and height of 120 mm. These struts positioned on the hull, channel the water pressure generated by the forward movement of the boat centrally, so that it doesn’t escape out of the sides of the boat. This capturing of water pressure under the hull improves the hydrodynamic efficiency of the hull, in addition to the struts improving the boat’s manoeuvrability and navigability. Comparing boats with equal geometry the propulsion system and PdP system improve the boat’s performance and also reduce its consumption.

The PdP system has the patent # 01297941.


The boat is classified as a walk-around with an elevated walkway on the right. The hatchways to the anchor and peak are situated at the bow. The peak contains bumpers and the anchoring equipment. At the bow of the peak there is the bow settee that can become a comfortable sun-bed, with a teak central table and a telescope support. When needed, the area occupied by the settee can be covered by a foldaway shade that is easily used and tucked away under the sea screen. There are two walkways, one elevated, to get to the stern. At mid-ship, behind the deckhouse, there is the steering compartment. The steering compartment can hold two comfortable armchairs. To get the most comfortable driving position, the floor height is adjustable. The steering compartment has a carbon windshield and a carbon T-top, supported by props on its sides and at the bow mast. The windshield’s plexiglass is double so that slides closing the gap between the windshield and the T-Top, giving better protection from the wind when required. On the stern side of the steering compartment there is the kitchen area. This is equipped with a 130lt fridge/freezer, a pyroceram hotplate with two rings and a washbasin with a folding mixing tap, a drawer, shelves for holding objects, and an extractable container for waste and an optional ice-maker. The work surface and front are made of Corian; they are covered by teak hatches and the upper ones are finished in fire-resistant protection. At the stern of the kitchen area there is the stern settee with the stern sun-bed. Between the stern settee and the kitchen are there is a hatchway to the central peak where the fuel tanks are stored. The engine is located under sun-bed and is easily opened without removing the cushions, automatically with a hydraulic system. A walkway to the left of the sun-bed takes you to the stern deck. The stern deck can hold a 2.30 m tender. A carbon winch facilitates the movement of this tender. The deck, walkways and stern deck have teak finishings, the stern deck is equipped with a diving ladder and a folding gangway. Teak handrails protect all walkways from stern to bow and vice-versa.


The access to the cabin is from the left lateral walkway through a gull-wing door. Three wooden steps (material upon request) lead you directly into the cabin from the hatchway. At the bow of the cabin there is a bed-settee that is transformable into an adjustable tea-table. The cabinets are located along the sides, with a large wardrobe facing the hatchway. To the stern of the wardrobe behind a panel there is a 28’’ LED TV. The deck is in wooden planks (material upon request) with bevels and skirting boards. The wardrobe, wall panels, bathroom door, and upper parts of the fittings are made of wood. The lower parts of the walls are fitted with leather panels. The settee’s upholstery is transformable in cotton. The curtains are made of Sky Sol. The central skylight that serves also as a getaway hatch has a shade. The bathroom is situated to the stern of the cabin. Access is through a central door. There is a washbasin to the right. The Corian washbasin has a mixer. There is a small cabinet above the washbasin with mirrored doors and includes the porthole with its blinds. The electric toilet is situated to the left of the room with a small shelf and a porthole with a blind.

The floor is made of laminated plastic, while the central panel is made of Corian with an anti-slip design and perimetrical water drain for shower water. On the stern wall there is a small hatch, that when open through its hinged satin-finished polycarbonate panels, closes the fittings to create a comfortable shower cubicle with easy access to the sprinkler. The finishings of the walls and deckhead are in laminated plastic. The face of the fittings and the rear of the WC are made of wood.

The internal vertical illumination comes from square shaped clamps with LEDs, built into the deckhead. A series of lined LEDs give sufficient light for the night. Behind the headboard there are reading lights. The finishings for the lights, closings, handles are made of bright stainless steel or alternatively they can be chromed.

Internal upholstery

The internal upholstery is made of cotton or leather upon request.