Cabin Cruiser BONOM 50C

Luxury cabin cruiser Bonom 50 C is based on the ideas and tradition of Croatian shipbuilding, reflecting its creators’ entire experience in shipbuilding and sailing, naval design and architecture, marketing and sales.

Bonom 50C is a Croatian luxury motor yacht, extremely safe and stable even in the harshest sailing conditions, with the highest standard of technical equipment in its range, and high environmental standards for the preservation of the natural beauty of the sea and the environment. It is spacious and uncluttered, with the exterior clad in teak and the interior in noble Croatian wood (bleached oak and walnut), a modern retro style, custom made, ideal for family cruises and long trips.

The initial 50 ft. model is designed to easily satisfy the less and more demanding customers. The interior is feasible with two spacious cabins (VIP + MASTER), or three cabins, and both versions were designed with two bathrooms as well as a possible skipper cabin.

Bonom 50 C has two possible design options: sedan and flybridge.

The other planned models are of 58 and 65 feet.


The bottom of the hull is made of a robust and high quality laminate with strong longitudinal and transverse ribs, while the sides, deck, cockpit, cabin and super/upper cabin are made in a sandwich with expanded VTR, and the structure is more optimized regarding the weight of the vessel. This results in reduced fuel consumption less required installed power, lower emission of CO2, etc.

With the standard 480 HP engines, cruising speed is 18 knots, and maximum speed is 24 knots. If desired, 540 hp engines of or Volvo IPS engines can be installed (max. speed 28 knots). An additional option is a diesel electro propulsion.


With Croatian design, this sophisticated Cabin Cruiser retains its classic lines adapting them to the modern way of navigation and a modern retro style. Curved lines of the exterior, a combination of teak and stainless steel, ergonomic handles and rails the colors of the hull emphasize the ecological worldview and the Mediterranean atmosphere.

The details of the superstructure develop a winding S-shaped and follow the line of the wave, which is repeated with the same elegance on the handrails and on the structure of the flybridge.

At the bow, there is an anchoring-system, down below there is teak so it does not violate the continuity of the profile and makes a perfect top of the bow. At the stern there are some interesting details, such as the elegant stainless steel profile at the edges of the stern mirror in teak.


Main lines are soft, elegant and rich on traditional details, with predominantly natural materials (bleached oak, walnut, teak, linen fabrics, leather). Its timeless style is created with a combination of materials: the floors are in teak with transversal lines; some details are polished in stainless steel; the furniture and the ceiling are made in different shades of Blanched Oak. The simplicity and beauty of natural oak in combination with bleached oak, floors and frames in teak, stainless steel detail coated in leather, and the whiteness of marble surfaces in bathrooms make the interior of the yacht moderate and fresh, light and elegant. The large glass surface of the upper deck allows viewing of 360 ° C.

Saloon doors and retractable stern salon windows provide excellent communication between the interior and the cockpit, a large number of windows on the lower deck, and extra windows at the hull provide all-day light in all cabins and bathrooms.